This information is not really new and also well documented by VMware, but nevertheless I meet a lot of people with a VMware View environment not aware of the following. Since it took me some time to find the specific part in the documentation, I decided to write a short article here.

“Do not change the JVM heap size on 64-bit Windows Server computers. Changing this value might make View Connection Server behavior unstable. On 64-bit computers, the View Connection Server installer sets the JVM heap size to accord with the physical memory. If you change the physical memory on a 64-bit View Connection Server computer, reinstall View Connection Server to reset the JVM heap size.” 

Important: Changing the registry values for the jvm heap size is NOT recommended.

Since the Connection Server 5.1 is only supported on Windows Server 2008 R2, which in turn is only available in a 64-bit version this is something administrator need to take care of, once they decide to raise the amount of the connection server memory.

Reinstalling the connection server is especially important crossing the 10GB memory threshold. This will increase the JVM heap siz to 1024MB which allows the connection server to handle up to 2000 connections.