Good bye vXpertise : hallo vLenzker

This will be the last post here on vXpertise. For the last years Mathias and myself created many (sometimes) interesting posts here on vXpertise. I still can’t believe we had around 50.000 impressions within the last year, but always great that someone out there (except the bots) is reading stuff we produced.

After some bad hacks this year where we lost some of our articles and some personal development within our career we decided not to publish anymore on vXpertise.

Since I am still trying to improve my writing I will continue to create blog posts on virtualization topics on

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I hope you will find some time to check my content there. If so, follow me on twitter or write me a mail 😉

Vote Now!!! – Top VMware blog voting has just started

As every year Eric Siebert spent a lot of effort to create and maintain an index about all VMware blogs within the community. And as every year Eric calls all friends of VMware and Virtualization to vote for the top VMware blogs in the world wide web.

I know that we won’t get many votes with our blog here, but maybe there is one or another who liked the topics we have been talked about so far  – or enjoyed the conversation with us over a certain topic (Google analytics is showing me that we have some useful information people from all over the world are spending time with).

———————– Vote HERE! —————————-


So if you came here by accident or if we were able to help you sometimes by delivering information within our text && you have 1 vote left besides all of the great writers out there (Duncan Epping – yellowbricks, William Lam – virtuallyghetto, Frank Denneman, Scott Lowe, Derek Seaman, Cormac Hogan, Eric Sloof,  Manfred Hofer and many many many more – wow the more I think about great bloggers in the community the more I vRealize that every single vote will be a success.

Anyway – Thanks a lot so far and since my new lab environment is very close to my ‘office’ I am pretty sure you will find a lot of new and hopefully useful stuff about VMware NSX & vSphere 6.x topics in the next months.




Video Recommendation on Virtualization Security

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of time this year between Christmas and New Year to stay up2date with and watch this year’s Chaos Computer Club Conference (CCC). But I had a look at the schedule before and pin pointed the talk Virtually Impossible: The Reality Of Virtualization Security as something I definitely wanted to see. Luckily, everything is recorded and already available to watch online by now, so I took the 59min this morning to watch it 🙂


[Click here for the original page.]

Honestly, the talk is highly technical. A lot of things you need to know about virtualizing instructions sets, memory architectures and I/O devices is presumed to fully understand what the guy is talking about. But don’t let that discourage you now! It’s just the fist – let’s say – 30min that are a bit tricky. Still, you will get a pretty good overview of what security in a virtualized environment actually means and why it is almost impossible to achieve. Seriously, I myself was a bit shocked to hear all that. Virtualization is what I work with all day and I wasn’t aware it was that bad 😀

For those of you the talk might have motivated to learn more about virtualization, I recommend reading this:


800 pages with the full dose of virtualization. I’ve been through this for my studies so I know what I am talking about 😉

Happy New Year

vXpertise wishes everyone a happy new year and all the best! Thanks to all our readers for enduring us 😛 Just to give a small preview of 2014 with vXpertise: We are currently working on a little project of ours which will hopefully be GA before Q2 2014. Cannot say what it is about, yet, so stay tuned 🙂


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