Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of time this year between Christmas and New Year to stay up2date with and watch this year’s Chaos Computer Club Conference (CCC). But I had a look at the schedule before and pin pointed the talk Virtually Impossible: The Reality Of Virtualization Security as something I definitely wanted to see. Luckily, everything is recorded and already available to watch online by now, so I took the 59min this morning to watch it 🙂


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Honestly, the talk is highly technical. A lot of things you need to know about virtualizing instructions sets, memory architectures and I/O devices is presumed to fully understand what the guy is talking about. But don’t let that discourage you now! It’s just the fist – let’s say – 30min that are a bit tricky. Still, you will get a pretty good overview of what security in a virtualized environment actually means and why it is almost impossible to achieve. Seriously, I myself was a bit shocked to hear all that. Virtualization is what I work with all day and I wasn’t aware it was that bad 😀

For those of you the talk might have motivated to learn more about virtualization, I recommend reading this:


800 pages with the full dose of virtualization. I’ve been through this for my studies so I know what I am talking about 😉