Like many others I struggeld a lot with updating to vSphere 5.5. During the installation of Single Sign On the step of importing lookupservice data failed and an automatic rollback started.

Eventhough this issue was recognized by VMware and it has been dealt with it in an Update (KB 2060511), some people (like me) were still having problems with this issue (even though I checked the certificate and registry setting).

If it’s the case in your environment, please try the following:

Define JAVA_HOME as environment variable and point it to C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\jre


Afterwards the installer should run probably. Keep in mind to delete the CSI folder in %ProgramData%/VMware/CSI as it is mentioned in the KB.

I came up with this idea since I ran into some similiar issue during the SSL Automation Tool Usage. This tool called a script which was checking the nslookup-service. After a manual call of this script I recognized that the missing JAVA_HOME variable was preventing the check-script from executing and as a consequence forced the SSL automation tool to fail.

Keep in mind to set the JAVA_HOME variable if you are using the vCenter automation tool and let me know if you are still not able to upgrade SSO after setting the environment variable.