Having a standard in the virtualization world like OVF or OVA is a real cool thing. Nevertheless from time to time I stumble about some issues with it. Just happened while trying to import vCenter Operation to a vCloud environment at a customer site.

Even though you can import OVF (unfortuneatly no OVA files -> extract the OVA first, e.g. with the ovftool or tar) it hasn’t worked in the vCloud environment, since the vCOPS vAPP consists of two virtual machines and wants to have additional information (EULA, network, etc.) during the deployment process.

So my next idea was to deploy the OVF in the vCenter just to import it afterwards into the vCloud director.


After the importing process i wasn’t able to start the VM either


Unable to start vAPP ….., Invalid vApp properties: Unknown property vami.ip0.VM_2 referenced in property ip.


To solve this problem, I moved the two virtual machines (analytics and UI) out of the vApp in the vCenter and deactivated their vApp properties in the virtual machine settings.


If any error message occur during this configuration part and prompt wants you to refresh the browser, ignore this by clicking NO (worked only in Chrome for me)


Now you can navigate to the vCloud Director, import both virtual machines to your vApp.


and voila. The vCenter Operations VMs can boot in your vCloud environment.


Keep in mind that you eventually need to change the IP addresses of your vCenter Operations components. Just follow the instructions on virtualGhetto